Cutlab exists to explore new modes of dramatic storytelling using digital media, with an emphasis on the terrain where film noir and surrealism collide. Making the most of tight budgets, filmmakers Guy Zimmerman and Bradford L. Cooper leverage their multidisciplinary talents to bring new kinds of narratives to the screen. Completing feature-length projects (Gary’s Walk) short, hallucinatory films (Hello, Say and Allen’s Love), music videos and short experimental films, Zimmerman and Cooper take new risks with every project, making it new every time.


Guy Zimmerman

A writer, director, and producer of film, television and theatre, Zimmerman’s films include Hello, Say, Gary’s Walk, Girl on a Bed and others. He currently serves as the artistic director of Padua Playwrights in Los Angeles where he has staged over fifty productions of new plays, moving several to stages in Atlanta, New York City, Edinburgh, Prague, Berlin, Beirut and Cluj, Romania. Among his television credits are The Pretender, Peter Berg’s Wonderland, and the American re-make of Cracker. His own plays include Vagrant, The Inside Job, The Black Glass and Double Double.

In 2015, Zimmerman received a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies, and now teaches at Cal Poly Pomona, CalArts, and other universities in Southern California. His essays on film and theatre have appeared in leading journals, including Theatre Journal, La Deleuziana and Shakespeare Bulletin.

Bradford L. Cooper

Bradford L. Cooper, filmmaker. Brad grew up on the East Coast in Connecticut. In 1988 Brad was chosen for mentorship by commercial photographer Richard Daily and soon after started working for renowned architectural photographer Robert Benson. In 1989 Brad was also beginning a career in electronic music which he is still involved with to this day.

At the end of 1995 Brad relocated to Los Angeles, California and in 2000 fully joined the digital filmmaking revolution.

Adopting Final Cut Pro and various Panasonic, Canon and Sony cameras Brad shot his first feature in 2004 and began a very successful career as an independent film-maker. Regular clients in the last 12 years include Lucid Motors, Zoom, Avid, Line 6, Environmental Defense Fund, Kaiser Permanente, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as well as Mini Cooper, BMW, UNICEF, and many others. In 2014 Brad shot a mini-documentary for the Fiat-Lux Eye Foundation in Kenya, Africa.

On many projects Brad has served as editor as well as Cinematographer.

Editing clients include Avid, Zoom, Mini Cooper and many others. 

Brad has never lost his interest in still photography and is hired several times a year for photography work examples include 2018’s series of articles on art collectors in Los Angeles for Artlink magazine based out of South Korea.

Today Brad is comfortable working regularly in a wide variety of mediums - cinematography, editing, photography.


Darcy Lee: Co-Producer

Darcy is the rare Los Angeles native. She started her career in the arts at age 17 as a working actor and dancer. She was in numerous television shows, commercials and theatre projects. Falling in love with the collaborative aspect of these projects, she then became impassioned by producing theatre, running theatre companies and coordinating workshops.

She served as the Managing Director for a prestigious Los Angeles theatre; The Met Theatre where she really honed her producing chops with some of the movie industry’s greatest talent. After The Met she went on to becoming an Independent Producer working on several projects of all kinds.

Knowing that she wanted to also produce film, she shared her desire with a producer friend at Lakeshore Entertainment. He told her the best way to learn how to produce films was to work in the accounting department on a large production. He graciously gave her a position on a film as an assistant production accountant. There she spent months in this valuable experience learning about every department and how the budgets get made and distributed.

Her love of continuing to jump into all kinds of events and productions lead her to meeting Guy Zimmerman. They came together in coordination of the Sam Shepard Tribute Event in 2017, and have been working together ever since. Producing film has given Darcy a renewed passion for storytelling and artistic excellence. She looks forward to more great projects ahead with this amazing team.