Hello, Say

Hello, Say

SYNOPSIS: Hello, Say is a twenty-minute short film about psychotic billionaires and pissed off bees. The story unfolds during a home invasion gone wrong. Formerly a wealthy businessman and now a fugitive from the law Don seeks revenge on a former airline booking agent, Candy, for an interaction between them years ago.

Hello, Say Director’s statement: 

I’ve always been fascinated by new ways to tell stories, and I make films to explore that terrain. Stories help us map our world, my thinking goes, so new ways to tell those stories point toward hope for something better. Live theatre has always been one way I have followed this interest of mine, but I’ve also always loved what films can do. I first presented Hello, Say as a stage play in a collection called The Hive Project. The collapse in bee populations worldwide was on my mind —dying bees seemed emblematic of the many eco-disasters now confronting us—and I wanted to explore a kind of inter-species confrontation. The quasi noir vibes of the play Hello, Say always had me thinking it wanted to be a short film. I showed a script of the piece to my collaborator Brad Cooper (DP/Editor), and he immediately keyed into the potential, so we got busy. I knew right away who I wanted to cast. Barry Del Sherman, Laura Ligouri and Corryn Cummins have been frequent collaborators, and I am as thrilled with their performances as I knew I would be. I had not worked with Jongman Kim, but casting him against type made some kind of crazy sense to me, and I am so grateful I trusted my gut — I could not be happier with Jongman's performance as Bernardo. We’ve been blessed in post production too, with amazing collaborators such as Geoff McAuliffe and Sean McLean of Elusive (CGI, titles and the score) and sound designer and mixer Joseph ‘Sloe’ Slawinski.-- 

Best Experimental Film - New York Cinematography Awards 2020

Official Selection festival of Cinema, NYC 2020

Official Selection Blow-Up International Arthouse Filmfest Chicago 2020  

Official Selection California International Shorts Festival 2020

Official Selection Hollywood International Motion Pictures Film Festival 2020

Semi-Finalist Blow-Up International Arthouse Filmfest Chicago 2020  

Award Winner Hollywood International Motion Pictures Film Festival - Best Horror Short 2020

Award Winner Hollywood International Motion Pictures Film Festival - Best Actress Laura Liguori 2020

"Very haunting and beautifully composed.”

“... mesmerizing, destabilizing and provocative... it's really delicious…”