Allen’s Love

Allen’s Love

SYNOPSIS: Inspired by the spirit of a woman he had killed, CIA chief Allen Dulles drops a massive dose of LSD...and gets more than he bargained for.

Allen’s Love Director’s statement: 

Allen’s Love is the most fully dimensional story I’ve told, working with Brad Cooper, and I love what we were able to capture in a two-day shoot in the depths of the Covid crisis. It was a pleasure to collaborate again with Barry Del Sherman, and also to introduce the fabulous Zoe Lloyd to our audiences. The story is full of the kind of witchy turns and surprises I love, and the historical resonances came through beautifully in the final cut. Like Great Things and Hello, Say, Allen’s Love covers a lot of terrain in a short span of time, and its still a pleasure for me to surrender to its strong, dream-likel pull.

“...really loved its baroque and bizarro reach across space and time, all forms of time, the dead and the living, history and the future, the mind and the world…”

"It was resonating with me on a non verbal level…mystery, sensuality, power, fragility of life…”