Great Things

Great Things

SYNOPSIS: In Great Things a veteran of U.S. dark prisons abroad traps a young prostitute in the basement of the hotel where he now works. Menace turns to sorrow as this man Jimmy reveals the dark truth about lost love and acts of violence.

Director’s statement:

Great Things was my first time working with Brad Cooper as DP/editor, and I was so thrilled by where we ended up. This is the first of three short films I’ve made with Brad, and each of them tell a feature-sized story in the span of 20 minutes or less. Mickey Swenson and Alana Dietze were fantastic to work with in Great Things, and I loved the chemistry between them. It’s such a dark little humorous gem to me, a distillation of East LA smog and pathos.

“...totally compelling on so many levels…”

"...palpably tactile..”

“...I could feel it in my  bones…”